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Netflix's Atypical * ABC's The Good Doctor 

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Our Mission

AutFest Film Festival’s mission is to further advance the wellbeing of all with an autism diagnosis, as well as to educate our nation about autism and the important need to fully respect and value each person with autism. We wish to celebrate films that promote autism awareness and that have the power to enhance the lives of our community. We also wish to honor and support autistic filmmakers and artists that have chosen film as their profession.

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Block of Shorts      10:00am

My Grown Up Family and Autism

Pursuit of Justice

Big Mouth

The Odd One In


The Girl Inside


Extraordinary People


Power Rangers      12:45pm

Q&A Session with John Gatins and RJ Cyler


Dina      3:45pm


Randy's Canvas      5:50pm


Disney's Barfi      8:00pm

Panel on Love and Relationships featuring individuals on the autism spectrum

Sunday, April 29th

Please Stand By      10:30am

Q&A Session with Ben Lewin (Director), Michael Golamco (Writer), and Elaine Hall (Autism Consultant)


Roman J. Israel, Esq      1:00pm


Netflix's Atypical      3:30pm

Q&A Session with Michelle Dean (Autism Consultant), David Finch (writer), Keir Gilchrist (Sam Gardner), Seth Gordon      

(Executive Producer), Anthony Jacques (Christopher), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Elsa Gardner), Brigette Lundy-Paine (Casey 

Gardner), Robia Rashid (creator), and Mary Rolich (Producer)


ABC's The Good Doctor     5:50pm

Q&A Session with Nicholas Gonzalez (Dr. Neil Melendez), Melissa Reiner (Autism Consultant), Richard Schiff (Dr. Aaron 

Glassman), and David Shore (Creator)

VIP Reception      7:15pm


Matt Asner

Ed Asner

Kristen Bell

David Bugliari

Andrea Capone

Jaime Capone

Stephanie Cohen

Gary Cole

Liz Feld

Mike Galvan

Leigh Ann Trindel-Gilmore

Jill Creter Harte

Portia Iverson

Cherry Justice

David Koechner

Leigh Koechner

Lauren Lambert

Joe Mantegna


Rick Markovitz

Kayleigh Millet

Matthew Modine

Jeff Most

Navah Paskowitz-Asner

Alex Plank

Nicole Player

Peter Roth

Chrissa Sadd

Dax Shepard

Jon Shestack

Sarah Silverman

Michelle Smigel

Robert Smigel

Sasha Spalding

Kevin Tenney

Cheri Warner

Bob Wright